Energy           146 Calories / 100g

Protein           20.5 g

Fat                   6.3g

Vitamin                                         Mineral

A                     3ug                         Salt                   35mg

K                     1ug                          Potassium       400mg

B1                   .1mg                        Calcium            5mg

B2                  .19mg                     Phosphorous  300mg

Niacin           8.5mg                    Magnesium     27mg

B6                 .53mg                     Iron                   1.3mg

B12                5.6ug                      Zinc                   1mg

Folate           7ug                           Copper             .05mg

Manganese .01mg                    

Vitamin C    1mg


Five star nutritional food value

Grow the alfalfa and Timothy hay

to make the food for the rabbits

Thousands of tons every year produced to satisfy the needs of people around the world. The largest source of meat protein in China. 

An incredibly lean meat that can be prepared any which way you choose.

A specially bred meat rabbit for Restaurant or kitchen.

Rabbits leave the smallest foot print on the world than any other commercially produced supply of protein.

This is one of the most common meat rabbit breeds used, it tops the list in the USA.  You may find a variety of signature dishes made from this breed as the most versatile usage of any Rabbit that has a large amount of high quality meat around the bone. [New Zealand white x Californian, with a dash of German giant.]

The only rabbit that said carrots were good for him was Bugs Bunny. Carrot tops are good for rabbits, carrots are full of sugar and should not be fed to rabbits.

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