500 g whole rabbit mince

1 kg ----------------------

500 g Rabbit patties

1 kg -------------------

Whole Rabbit packaged 1,2,

Late in 2019 there will be a whole supply of Rabbit meat to choose from. Whole rabbit or selected cuts will be available for the asking. A comprehensive list of cuts are on site below. We will cater for specially ordered cuts or

whole rabbit supply every 28 days

The Rabbitry consists of 830 breeding does and will produce around 12,450 Kgs of rabbit meat every 28 days

We will market online. Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New south Wales, and Queensland. 

Sizeable local orders will get delivery to door.

All Rabbit food grown on site

pellet making

146 calories per 100 grams.

Jerky for cats and dogs


Whole packaged Rabbit [1,2]                                             

500 g Rabbit hind legs

1 kg -------------------

500 g  saddles

1 kg saddles

500 g Fore legs

1 kg fore legs

500 g steak

1 kg  steak

500 g mince [meat loaf]

1 kg mince [meat loaf]

500 g patties

1 kg patties

1kg Coil Cumberland sausage

500 g Normal snags [thick]

1 kg Normal snags  [thick]

500 g Chilly snags  [hot]

600 g Salami  [mild]

500 g Sandwich meat

200 g Jerky  [ very hot, hot, cool.]

Rabbit stew  [feed lot] 

Rabbit curry  [feed lot]

Wholesale rabbit meat supply $ / kg


My name is buck

My name is Doe

This is Lucy and Zuse

They call me woof

Location  Bendigo Victoria Australia


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