Another of the worlds great foods is guinea pork. Eaten in South America since day one, when ever that was. Another natural food source that does not unbalance nature; Guinea pork is wholesome and nutritious and easily  adaptable in preparation methods.

One of the worlds best natural forms of very high grade protein. Guinea pork meat is high in protein, low in fat and somewhat similar to rabbit or a chickens dark meat. Others have compared it's taste to oily pork combined with rabbit. My guess is it's the way it was cooked. Some countries cook any sort of meat by deep frying, which destroys the natural composition of the Guinea pork.

Guinea Pork is best cooked by grilling or barbequed. As the meat is very low in fat. In South America the animal is known as "Cuy" elsewhere they can be known as "Cavy"

Only small differences exist between Rabbits and Cavies as they both turn vegetable matter into meat. Vitamin C is a required addative for both Rabbit and Cavy as neither can store the C vitamin.

A regular piece of Orange or Mango is required in small doses. They are essentially hay and grass eaters, mostly sun dried hay with fresh water constantly.

The domesticated Guinea pig plays an important role in the folk culture of many indigenous South American groups, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and religious ceremonies.

Primarily it is a culinary delicacy, enjoyed by Peruvians who consume 65 million of the rodents each year. The dining experience normally requires ample supplies of beer to be consumed in between picking the beautifully delicate flesh from the bone. The farmed animal weighs around one kilogram.

Guinea pork preparation: Pat the skin dry, and rub in Cummin, Salt, Pepper. Place whole butterflyed or cut portions on the barby or fry pan, lightly oiled, remember the meat is very low in fat so don't overdo the cooking temperature. Like Kangaroo, Rabbit or guinea pork, they all have a low fat, high water content. If you cook too hot you will have bootleather for years to come. The end result is a high protein, low colesterol, and incredibility delicious dish.                   My personal experience is to allow the human animal instinct to kick in and devour the Guinea pork as is by hand.    Contact  Des

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